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Pharmaceutical Aggregation Solution


An effective, stable and efficient drug traceability system can only be achieved with an integrated serialization solution and aggregation solution. From our observations, a common mistake in projects is ignoring the drug aggregation process. Virtually all drug track and trace system regulations enacted by legislators define this process as direct or indirect. However, since it usually starts after serialization requirements, project teams often ignore it when preparing URS documentation. Unfortunately, serialization projects that are not designed with the requirements of the aggregation process in mind are likely to fail or partially succeed. .

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Pharmaceutical Aggregation Solution

In pharmaceutical track and trace processes, you must record every step of serialized drugs in the supply chain. If drugs were to move through the supply chain one by one, it would be an easy operation. But drugs generally move with tertiary packages such as bundles, cases, and pallets among stakeholders. In a supply chain without aggregation solution, each stakeholder can access serialized data within tertiary packages only through irrational operations. Aggregation solution is crucial as it provides access to serialization data of drugs within tertiary packages via SSCC. Thereby it enables supply chain operations.

The Aggregation station offers a exible setup and was designed in order to optimize the experience of the operator.

Setup on wheels to be easily moved or stored.

It carries adjustable HD camera that can be setup to capture the codes from the top of the line, or even from above the carton box for optimal efficiency.

Adjustable in height and orientation,

Label printer for continuous flow.

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Pharmaceutical Aggregation Solution

Mawared pharmaceutical Aggregation System EPAS:

Aggregation Unit with Serial Verification Solution

Fast and reliable capturing of item codes over multiple layers (per case)

Process safe aggregation.

Easy and intuitive operation

Well conceived ergonomic design EPAS

24 hour support

fast, reliable and easy to use.

Cost efficient

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smart machines

Pharmaceutical Aggregation Solution

Product Definition contains the description , GTIN, number of layers per carton, number of items in each layer , item serial details...

DataMatrix Scanning Using Machine vision smart Camera to avoid data loss

Ability to Integrate with Existing Systems.

Serials Verification Accept valid serials and reject invalid Data.

Multi level Aggregation ( Box, Shipping Carton and Pallet Level).

Printing Label Using Industrial and fast direct thermal/ thermal transfer printer.

Aggregate Pallets Using Heavy Duty PDA to scan SSCC code from Carton and print labels for Pallets, the label contains all data needed for shipping with the SSCC code .

Printed Label contains Product Data Number of Child packages and SSCC code .

High Quality Printed labels With all Data needed for Warehouse and Shipping. .

Export Data files from the system (Excel, XML, ...) Contains all serials in every Carton and Pallet.

Pallet and carton level with all serials Reports.

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