print and apply label systems


Today's print and apply label systems are faster and cheaper than ever in price and performance. Some of these systems can print and apply one or more labels with unique identifying information at speeds in excess of 100 cases per minute. Today's label printer applicators are more reliable and have less downtime. These newer print and application systems offer greater flexibility than in the past in communicating with wired and wireless Ethernet networks. The speed of the processor increases with the speed of communication, which means that more real-time status information can be provided to machines and production lines. Label information can be downloaded directly into the system from the production supervisor's office. Newer systems offer improved label application methods that ensure greater consistency in placement and persistence..

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print and apply label systems

Labeling Machines

High Quality printers

Stepper Motor for fast and accurate labeling performance.

in Line Application or Independent Operation.

Optium Sensing System offer the most accurate position.

Auto label set and positioning.

6 speed selection of labeling and conveyor.

Two Copies applicators Height and angle adjust by easy handwheel.

Controlled by PLC , LED display.

Encoder Technology Fully Synchronizes Conveyor with Dispensing .

Customized Conveyor by Product size

CSanitary 304 Stainless Steel Frame

Heavy Duty Construction

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print and apply label systems

Print and apply labelling machines are typically used by manufacturers to apply labels with a barcode, best before date, table of contents, batch number, weight, and much more to their products. In applications where uptime and quality are essential, Evolabel’s machines are your perfect solutions.

When the sharpness of the print must be of the highest quality, print and apply labellers are often chosen over other technologies. An example of such high quality label printing is when two-dimensional (two-dimensional) barcodes are required or high density GS1-128 barcodes must be printed. Dark prints on a white background provide the highest contrast, so 2D and high-density barcodes can be scanned more reliably. Many times, a printer application is chosen because retailer customers charge a fee for a good supplier that reads barcodes incorrectly and/or does not meet the quality of a particular barcode. Still other retailers simply specify labels instead of other techniques. .

Print and label applicators do not require the same precise material handling as industrial inkjet, thermal transfer and laser printing solutions, which can reduce initial capital costs when using the technology..

The price of printing and applying labeling systems is generally lower than that of inkjet printing systems. Devices with higher speeds, multiple applicators and/or flush housings are generally at the higher end of the price range. .