L- and C-shape labeling


Sealing and tamper-evident labeling

In addition to the responsibilities of providing information and identifying products, labels are increasingly taking on special functions. Closing or sealing the package is definitely one of the most important roles. For example, more and more drugs require the use of tamper-resistant devices, possibly in the form of labels. Labels also play an important role in convenience food trends, including baked goods, sandwiches, sushi boxes, fruit cocktails, and more. They contain important variable information about ingredients, expiration date or weight. At the same time, they tightly seal the package. In all of these cases, labels usually need to be applied on one or more edges. For this reason, the technology is known not only as tamper-resistant or sealed labels, but also as over-corner labels or L, C, or U labels. This is done using special edge blanking equipment that is partially supported by a blower station, especially for large labels, since while sealed labels for pharmaceuticals tend to be small, they can be much longer when used on food. In the latter case, humid, cool conditions often increase the difficulty..


L- and C-shape labeling.

Labeling Machines

Stepper Motor for fast and accurate labeling performance.

in Line Application or Independent Operation.

Optium Sensing System offer the most accurate position.

Auto label set and positioning.

6 speed selection of labeling and conveyor.

Two Copies applicators Height and angle adjust by easy handwheel.

Controlled by PLC , LED display.

Encoder Technology Fully Synchronizes Conveyor with Dispensing.

Customized Conveyor by Product size.

Sanitary 304 Stainless Steel Frame.

Heavy Duty Construction

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Important issues with sealing and tamper-evident labels

1- Important Issues with Sealing and Tamper-evident Labels Rigorous Requirements: Handling of sealing and tamper-evident labels is demanding in most cases and requires a very precise and adjustable labeling system. 2- Integration options appropriate to the particular application: It must be possible to easily expand the systems by adding printing, inspection and rejection systems.which can be offered from Mawared..

1. Serialization
2. Track & TracTrack & Tracee
3. Aggregation
4. Tamper-Evident


To comply with the Falsified Medicines Directive, all packaging for prescription medication brought to market within the EU must have a unique, individual serial number. The numbers are generated by official organisations, regulated and stored in a database. Similar solutions are being considered or have already been implemented in many other markets.

Special attention is required to record serial numbers or DataMatrix 2D codes for rejected labels or packages. Such labels or packaging may not be provided or may only be provided by check.

Mawared labellers (Labeling machines) can be fully equipped to perform serialization tasks for pharmaceutical labelling in compliance with EU regulations or other international regulations.

Aggregation (that is, aggregation of serialized products) is often necessary or useful in conjunction with serialization. Mawared product portfolio includes the perfect printing and labelling systems for this task.

Track & Trace

Where does the product come from? Who produced it? In many markets, the path a drug takes must always be fully traceable – from the manufacturer to the final consumer. Track and Trace allows you to document its complete route through the supply chain in real time. A prerequisite for this is that the product can be clearly identified by the serial number. Mawared provides you with powerful printing and labeling solutions to meet special requirements in track and trace.


Aggregation is the safe combination of individually serialized packages into larger logistical units such as bundles, cartons or pallets. Unlike serialization of individual packages, aggregation is required in Many countries , and it is available in other markets. However, it offers pharmaceutical companies another added benefit: establishing relationships between individual products and logistics units makes it easier to trace the path of individual drugs. It also makes it easier to coordinate recalls or report stolen products, for example.

To print aggregated "group codes" on labels and apply them, Mawared offers a particularly reliable printing and application system for each aggregation level.


For example, the European Union and many other markets mandate that pharmaceutical packaging for pharmaceuticals such as prescription drugs requires tamper-evident seals as a security feature. Using a tamper-resistant label is an especially interesting option if you wish to continue using your current folding box.

Mawared offers a range of efficient and reliable solutions for sealing packaging with seals or tamper-evident labels. Our specially developed tamper-resistant labelling machines are already deployed in numerous markets.

In the case of transparent tamper-evident labels, the adhesive with luminescent particles can be adjusted to allow the UV sensor on the labeler to detect the difference between the folded box and the label. This allows you to directly check the successful application of the tamper-evident label.

If a tamper-evident label is printed, the camera system or contrast scanner with automatic rejection can perform this control function (Validation)..